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Northwest Native APEX Accelerator

Grow Your Business With Government Contracting Assistance

The Northwest Native APEX Accelerator provides technical assistance to American Indian/Alaskan Native, Native-Hawaiian owned businesses, Tribes, Tribal Enterprises, who wish to participate in the government marketplace. We provide in-depth training to support these government procurement endeavors in the form of in-person and virtual workshops, seminars and webinars. We serve the Oregon, Washington and Idaho regions.

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If you are a new client you must complete a client application prior to scheduling an appointment with a procurement counselor. APEX Accelerator services are available to you at no cost, however we must have your expressed consent to receive services per our federal government program terms and conditions. Counseling is done by appointment.

Our Mission

We are committed to assisting all Native American Indians to achieve self-sufficiency by assisting in the development and expansion of the Native American private sector, making a positive impact on reservation communities, and establishing business relationships with private industries, federal, state, local, and tribal government procurement offices.

Our Services

We provide no cost, confidential, one-on-one technical assistance training, and resources in all aspects of selling to federal, state and local governments.

Registrations and Certifications

Registrations and certifications get you on databases for government agencies to find you. We help you get on the correct databases in order to compete for government contracts.

Training and

Take these trainings and seminars to learn how to work with government agencies and bid on contracts and subcontracts.
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Resources and

We’re here to help you succeed. Our list of resources guide you to the right government channels to meet your business needs.

The Northwest Native Apex Accelerator is funded in part through a cooperative agreement with the U.S. Department of Defense Agency (DoD). Additional funding provided from host institution Northwest Native Chamber (NWNC).

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