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Did you know that federal contracts costing less than $250,000 are set aside for small businesses? Northwest Native APEX Accelerator counselors help small businesses navigate the world of government contracting, from pre to post award. Interested in selling your goods or services to the federal, state, or local government? Become a client today. Services are provided at no charge to clients.

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What Can You Expect From Northwest Native APEX Accelerator

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The NN APEX Accelerator program offers a comprehensive suite of opportunities for education, networking, and support, including hybrid educational workshops and webinars. Clients receive assistance in navigating the complexities of selling their goods or services to government agencies, ranging from local libraries to the GSA (General Services Administration) and everything in between.

Assistance with:

  1. SAM Registration
  2. SBA and State Certifications
  3. Creating Capability Statements
  4. Conducting Market Research
  5. Marketing Strategies
  6. Procurement Procedures
  7. Federal, State, and Local Government Contracting 
  8. Government Subcontracting Support
  9. DoD Mentor-Protégé Program (MPP) and Similar Government Programs
  10. Preparing Businesses for Federal Cybersecurity Requirements
  11. Identifying Available Resources and Support for Business Owners

BID Match

We are pleased to provide Bid Match to our NN APEX clients at no-cost. Speak with one of our Procurement Counselors to join our Bid Match program and start receiving daily emails showcasing handpicked bid matches.

Bid Match is an automated system that searches for new federal, state, and local Government contracting opportunities on a daily basis and delivers matching opportunities to your designated email inbox. Receive Federal, State, and Local solicitations regularly, tailored to your business and location.

 The Northwest Native APEX Accelerator Bid Match database consists of bid opportunities from city, county, state, and federal governments across the United States. To populate this exclusive database, our service monitors hundreds of procurement websites daily.

To create a no-cost detailed bid match profile for your company, start by working with your assigned NN APEX Procurement Counselor. They will assist you in defining your industry keywords, product service codes (PSC), federal service codes (FSC), national stock numbers (NSN), and standard industrial classification system (SIC) codes, North American Industry Classification System (NAICS), geographic location, among other identifiers, to ensure accurate matching. 

Bid Match can help expand your customer base in three different ways:

  • Daily Internet Listing of contract opportunities
  • Names of potential customers who buy your products and services
  • Subcontracting opportunities with primes on major contracts 


Say goodbye to endless searching and hello to saved time!

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